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ABOUT, a subsidiary of Atlantic Foods Corporation, is located in Cincinnati, OH. Atlantic Foods Corporation has roots that began in 1961 as a poultry distributor and trader.

Today, we are a multi-faceted organization that features poultry, pork, beef, and pastry distribution. We also carry many specialty items such as yogurt, bagels, premium juice, ethnic food items, and private label goods. We distribute store door for retail groceries, chain stores, restaurants, processing plants and other specialty shops.

A few years ago we added a division to handle production overruns, closeouts, and value deals purchased directly from the manufacturer. These products include bacon, hot dogs, lunch meats, fritters, nuggets, and various sizes of ground beef patties or chubs, just to name a few.

As Atlantic, we have been delivering gift Turkeys and gift Hams for over 30 years to various corporations and individuals throughout the continental U.S.. We are proud of our ability to deliver on time to the specified location and to offer the flexibility to adjust counts and details prior to shipping. We look forward to the future and the growth of AFC and in a mutually beneficial relationship with you, our valued customer.

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